The food is always great and the new online ordering worked perfectly.
Food was amazing! However, I had to wait 40 extra minutes because the food was not ready at the time I requested (but it was Lunar New Year and they were swamped).
I ordered ahead so the order would be ready. I got there 10 minutes early and it was ready. I didn't realize how ready it was. They must have prepared it when I ordered it. It was room temperature when I got home 5 minutes later. Luckily I was someplace I could reheat it, if not I would have given it zero stars.
This is the 2nd time this has happened: the restaurant did not check their FAX machine for my order until I walked in to pick it up, which caused me to have to wait while the food was prepared. When they pulled my order off the machine, there was at least one other waiting to be discovered, as well. What's the point of accepting online orders if they're not monitoring their inbound communication?
Any questions please call us.